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Wooden Roof Trusses in Orkney Islands - Supply/Install Costs

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Important features that fill the spaces above rooms and provide structural support for homes or businesses, strong Orkney Islands wooden roof trusses are vital for the stability of a house or building. The Orkney Islands wooden roof truss installation companies in our database build their trusses to customer specifications and are compliant with all government regulations. The companies in our network can handle residential projects, schools, churches, hotels, and commercial establishments.

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wooden roof trusses Orkney Islands

By applying the latest technology and the highest industry standards to their work, the wooden roof truss suppliers in our pre-approved network offer the very best in products and services. They are able to provide custom designs as well as supply, engineer and install the wooden trusses for virtually any project. The installers are skilled craftsmen who guarantee their work. They are licensed, insured and able to provide verifiable references upon request. They are even qualified to work on historical structures as they can stabilize a roof while maintaining the historical integrity of the building.

What Are Roof Trusses?

A wooden roof truss, also known as a timber truss, is essentially a framework designed to support your entire roof. These trusses are spaced very carefully across the entire structure of your home, and each space between a truss is known as a “bay”. A closed truss has a tie beam that allows for the inclusion of a ceiling, which hides the trusses when the project is complete. An open truss, on the other hand, has a tie beam that is interrupted or designed in a scissor-like pattern. This allows homeowner to create a vaulted ceiling without compromising the integrity of the roof.

Orkney Islands attic trusses

Attic Truss Profiles

Also known as 'room in the roof' truss profiles, these are designed to make the maximum available living space out of your attic profile. They do this by pushing the vertical stabilisers out to the far edge of the attic space. This leaves you with the classic attic room profile with sloping ceilings and short vertical walls on either side. To maximise space, a carpenter can even create storage solutions in the remaining void behind the vertical walls. Attic truss profiles are a great way to add value to any Orkney Islands property and are a cost-effective way to increase living space when all building regulations are followed. Attic trusses can be engineered with dormer window frames, frames for roof windows, floor joists and even balcony areas incorporated.

New Builds, Remodels, and Additions

Whether you’re building a home, remodeling your existing home, or adding a room for some extra living space, wooden roof trusses add architectural value, functionality, and a solid framework for your roof. When you obtain your quote, please be sure to mention the type of project and the anticipated roof style and material as this can impact the type of wood that will need to be used. If you’ll want a simple sloped roof with slate tiles, you’ll need a different framework than for a flat rubber roof.

Orkney Islands roof trusses for new builds and additions

Architecture and Design

When you think of a wooden roof truss, you may think of a fairly simple framework that offers support, but nothing in the way of design or beauty. These days, that’s no longer the case. Many homeowners opt for vaulted ceilings, which can provide the appearance of a larger space. Because the roof trusses are visible in this case, it’s important for them to be as beautiful as they are functional. If you’re adding or replacing stylish trusses, be sure to mention this in your quote request so you can be matched with a contractor who can provide you with the service you need.

Orkney Islands roof truss costs

Orkney Islands Wooden Roof Truss Costs

Average prices can vary greatly depending on the scope of work required and the size of the building. The type of wood that needs to be used can impact the cost, as can the time frame in which the project must be completed. Local labour costs as well as material and transportation costs can also affect the final price you will pay for a wooden roof trusses Orkney Islands job.

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DIY Roof Truss Installation?

If you need either a total or partial truss installation/replacement carried out then it really is important to leave it to the professionals unless of course you are trained to do so. Working at height always poses safety risks, as does working with large heavy wooden objects that will likely need to be craned into position. On top of that... unless the trusses are installed correctly you run the risk of your roof collapsing under the weight of the covering. Your new timber trusses can be delivered for installation by a separate contractor, or we can arrange quotes for the installation work to be carried out for you.

diy roof truss installation

Your Orkney Islands wooden roof truss questions answered

A number of different species may be used, but pine is one of the most common ones because it is readily available and resistant to insects and decay.

Trusses should be well ventilated and kept away from areas of high moisture during the construction process.

Yes. Wood trusses are often treated with insect repellent before they are installed, but this repellent can wear off over the years, leaving them vulnerable to woodworm and termite damage. Trusses should be inspected annually.

Depending on the size of the house, truss repair or replacement can cost anywhere from £600 - £2,000. In most cases, if some of the trusses have been damaged by insects, your contractor may want to replace most or all of them.

Wooden trusses are more economical, as the cost of steel in many areas is rather high. It is also easier to attach decking, tar paper, and shingles to Orkney Islands roofing that contains wooden trusses.

No, unless you are in the South East of England subject to Long HornBeetle attack then there is no requirement for you to use treated timber in your roof trusses.

Yes. Even a flat roof needs a solid foundation, and the wooden roof trusses provide that foundation. They also give you room to add insulation, wiring, and ductwork above your ceilings.

This depends on the contractor you choose. Some contractors may manufacture the trusses at their company location and deliver them to your home on a truck; others may simply bring their tools to you and build the trusses on-site. Talk to your contractor to learn more about its individual processes.

Different contractors use different tools and methods to install trusses. Some may bring cranes to your home to hoist the truss, and this is especially true if you have a multi-story home. Other companies may use a simple pulley system to hoist the trusses. No matter which method your contractor uses, you can rest assured that the company is well-trained and confident in its skills.

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Example Roofing Work Requests

19 Oct Wooden Roof Trusses

New set of wooden roof trusses wanted for a conversion project in progress. We would like to know if comparing quotes can save us any money on our project.

19 Oct Country Property

My mother's house is quite old, and I believe needs new roof trusses. It is a small house located in the country. Can you give me a fair quote for wooden trusses?

19 Oct Loft Conversion

Prices for new trusses needed for a loft conversion to create the necessary living area void. Rest of the work is quoted, just looking for a quote for the wooden trusses to be made to measure and delivered to site.

18 Oct Partial Replacement

We have several trusses that need to be replaced on our home. We would also like to have the rest of them inspected to make sure they are in good condition. Please provide a quote for wooden roof trusses.

18 Oct Structural

We would like a wooden roof truss added to our roof to provide more stability. We would love to have your best quote for this task. Thank you so much.

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