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New Orkney Islands roof windows make good sense in rooms without traditional window openings because they allow natural sunlight to filter in. For this reason, they are also desirable in porches as well. Perhaps you want a skylight so that you can stargaze at night. No matter what your reason for desiring roof windows, we can help you find just the right contractor to do the job.

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Roof windows have come a long way since their humble beginnings, and are now available in any size and shape imaginable. You can also choose windows that open and close at the touch of a button, or contain remote-controlled window blinds for additional privacy. A knowledgeable professional can help you choose the right one based upon the size of your room, slope of your roof and personal preference.

benefits of Orkney Islands roof windows

Benefits of Roof Windows

  • Installing roof windows will not only add to the monetary value of your property; they allow a lot of natural light to enter your attic or other rooms that are situated in your home’s roof.
  • These windows will also promote a flow of fresh air through parts of your home that would otherwise be too damp, hot or stuffy.
  • These days, roof windows are available in many different style and material options, such as aluminium, PVC or wooden frames to ensure that they blend in to your home’s overall appearance as seamlessly as possible.

Choosing the Right Roof Windows

You have many options available to you when it comes to choosing roof windows and skylights. Much like choosing traditional windows for your home, you’ll have single, double, and even triple-pane options available to you. Some of these may be filled with gas, which acts as an insulator. Some may be able to open; others may be permanently fixed in place. It’s important to consider your wants and needs – and the reasons why you’re installing roof windows in the first place - before deciding.

The Importance of Replacement Roof Windows

If you’re considering replacement windows for your home to boost efficiency, it’s also worth your time to think about replacing any skylights in your home for the same reason. Remember that these windows are often made the very same way as the windows in your home, and if you’re going to invest in double-paned glass with a glass insulator, you should do the same for your skylights. Heat and cold can easily transfer through older windows, causing a significant increase in your energy bills. Replacing a skylight may pay for itself in just a few months’ time depending on the severity of the air leak.

replacement Orkney Islands roof windows

Orkney Islands Roof Window Costs

Typical Orkney Islands roof window installation costs (including skylights) tend to be based upon the size and shape of the window itself. Larger windows will require more cutting, and are therefore more expensive to install because of the additional labour that's required. Roof repairs are not normally included in the price, so you may need to hire an additional contractor to perform them if your structure isn't in top condition. You could obtain a discount for having more than one window installed at the same time. Be sure your estimate includes installation of flashing around the window so you won't have to worry about leaks developing later.

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Adding UV Film to Roof Windows

Roof windows are beneficial in several ways, but many homeowners express concerns about harmful UVA and UVB rays. These rays can not only harm your skin and be detrimental to your health, but they can also cause your carpeting and furnishings to fade over time. Fortunately, new technologies have allowed manufacturers to create window films that block these rays while still allowing sunshine to filter through. Some roofing contractors are quite familiar with the use and application of these films. What’s more, many window manufacturers incorporate these technologies into their windows directly, which negates the need for films.

Your Orkney Islands roof window questions answered

This all depends on what the room you are adding the window to is being used for. Skylights do not meet all the building regulations needed to be used in inhabited spaces so cannot be used for all rooms. Roof windows meet all the building regulations necessary to be used in all inhabitable spaces.

Roof windows are required to meet the security requirements of NHBC standards and can be fitted with an optional key lock for additional security.

Make sure they are properly installed, and that you seal all the way around them with caulking both inside and out. You should ideally re-caulk your windows every two to three years, as caulking does wear out over time.

Provided that your roof windows are being supplied and installed by a qualified and experienced company, they shouldn’t leak anywhere or let in any unpleasant draughts at all.

Absolutely. If your skylights are in great condition, but you want to cut back on glare or the transference of UV rays, there are plenty of films that can help you. They’re often cost-effective and easy to install, as well.

This depends on the style of window you choose. Windows that are permanently fixed in place often require roof access to clean from the outside, which can be troublesome for homeowners. There are many styles of windows that open from the inside and allow comfortable access for cleaning. You should consider this before adding or replacing your roof windows.

Homeowners express some concern about their safety when it comes to roof windows and skylights in hailstorms or very windy conditions. After all, it stands to reason that these windows may break if hit by unusually large hailstones or falling debris. For safety reasons, most of these windows are made from tempered safety glass, which under extreme conditions could indeed break, but won’t shatter into sharp pieces. This can help keep you and your family safe in these situations.

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19 Oct Replacement Window

We have existing roof windows that were installed on our attic approximately 35 years ago, and they are now starting to look weathered and rather unsightly. We need to know if they can be repaired or refurbished, or whether they will have to be replaced completely. Please provide us with a quote.

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